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Better gas mileage!, More horsepower!, More torque! Great power increase for towing or just that extra load! Great replacement shortie headers for those OEM manifolds!

Our test vehicle has obtained 21.4 mpg to date with Torque Monster Headers. The factory highway mileage rating was only 18 mpg. From our baseline dyno test these headers showed an increase of 20 horsepower and 35-40 ftlbs of torque! (Click Here for Test Results)

Click on the images for a closer look!

The price for Torque Monster Headers is $789. Your Special Discount Price will save you $100 at $789. Headers will be shipped UPS Ground. For out of country orders, please inquire.

Get your own set of
Torque Monster Headers for only $789.

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Click here to see our newly developed Torque Monster Swap Headers for Ford Ranger / Bronco II